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Expand your products with easyfind codes

easyfind codes ensure that lost and forgotten items return quickly. In the event of a find, the owner can be contacted directly and anonymously. In addition, numbers of any kind can be turned into easyfind codes. Integrate your unique serial, chassis or ID numbers into easyfind codes or use our codes for various purposes!

easyfind accessories as a valuable marketing article

easyfind accessories are available in many different versions, all of which can be freely designed in shape and colour. With your logo and in your desired design they are already available from 100 pieces.

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This is how it works

Valuable items can be marked anonymously with easyfind accessories. If the item is found, it is reported on and the owner is automatically informed by email and SMS.

  • The easyfind code is registered at and attached to an object of your choice, such as a bunch of keys, suitcase, etc.
  • The found item can either be reported at, handed in at the lost property office or thrown into the next mailbox.
  • The owner will be informed immediately and anonymously by SMS and e-mail.
  • The property returns!


The advantages of easyfind accessories as a marketing instrument

  • Useful: With easyfind accessories, objects can be recovered in the event of loss. This saves time, money and stress.
  • Emotional: An annoying event (loss of an object) becomes a positive experience due to the quick return - your brand is positively "charged".
  • Versatile: easyfind accessories are small, light and inexpensive - perfect as giveaways for mailings and events of all kinds.
  • easyfind is a service in cooperation with Austrian and Swiss find solutions.
  • Also available with additional functionalities such as shopping cart remover, tyre tread gauge or NFC finder.


easyfind is a strong network

easyfind is a lost property service available throughout Europe. In the case of a find by an involved finding office, the owner of the item is automatically informed. Our customers include cities, municipalities, regions and transport companies such as airports, railways, etc.

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We produce easyfind accessories in your desired design - in any shape and in almost any material. Let your imagination soar!

Shopping cart remover

The easyfind shopping cart remover unlocks the shopping cart in a few seconds! Plug it in - unplug it - drive off! In addition, thanks to the easyfind code, the key ring is identified anonymously - contact can be made directly and anonymously in the event of loss.

Standard key fob

With the easyfind key fob made of stainless steel, the key ring can be identified anonymously. In case of loss, contact can be made directly and anonymously.

Suitcase tag

Our high-quality suitcase tags are perfect for anonymous identification of all types of bags. Once attached to the luggage, it is reliably marked without personal data being exposed to others.

NFC finder

The easyfind code is read directly with a smartphone or scanned using a QR code reader. This allows direct and anonymous contact with the owner.

Universal stickers

easyfind stickers are particularly suitable for protecting objects with a smooth surface such as cameras, mobile phones, sports equipment. An additional UV laminate coating protects the stickers against all weather conditions, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Tags for kids

easyfind child tags are the ideal companion for the youngest. Quickly and easily attached to the backpack, it can be quickly assigned in case of loss. So parents and childs have one less worry.

Animal find tags

easyfind animal tags are not only an elegant accessory for four-legged friends, but also bring them back when they go on unplanned excursions. The finder can contact you directly and your pet will return home as soon as possible.

Accessories in your desired form

easyfind accessories are available in almost all shapes, colours and materials. We produce easyfind accessories in your desired design from 100 pieces. We are looking forward to your request!



Individual packaging

There are also many possibilities for packaging. In any case, your brand gets a strong appearance. In addition to your branding and your advertising message, the information card explains how the easyfind service works (activation and find message).

easyfind Individual packaging
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We produce easyfind accessories in your desired design from 100 pieces.
Let your imagination soar!

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The perfect extension to easyfind!

Nova Find - the leading Lost & Found software in Europe!

Nova Find is the perfect extension to easyfind! The web-based solution meets all requirements of a modern Lost & Found system. The focus is on sophisticated search technology, high return rates, simple management of found objects, reduced communication costs and short storage times to reduce costs. But above all it enables networked online search in all participating databases.

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